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Smart and mobile performance & metabolic analysis in sports clubs

DYNOSTICS in a modern sports club

Added value for you as an sports club

Information about the current metabolic and fitness status form the basis for a successful and holistic support of club members of any kind of sport. Through individual support with regard to health, nutrition and exercise, injuries are avoided and personal goals are effectively achieved beyond the club’s areas of activity. The result: Satisfied members remain loyal to their sports club, spread a positive image and contribute as multipliers to the recruitment of new members.

Comprehensive and individual care – without medical expertise.

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Additional income

generation of revenues independent of healt insurance funds

Gain new customers

make customers out of patients – acquire new customers

Member loyalty

decreasing of injuries and individual training regardless of age

Larger range

expansion of the service portfolio

Holistic approach

support of the club members regarding health, sport and nutrition


successful supervision of the various disciplines (football, tennis etc.)

Added value for your Members

DYNOSTICS metabolic and performance analyses enable members of smaller and larger clubs to train at a professional level. DYNOSTICS analyses help to reduce the risk of injury and at the same time make training successes visible through individual recommendations regarding movement. In addition, the automatically generated recommendations help members to effectively achieve their personal nutrition and exercise goals, even outside the club’s training sessions. Via the associated app, the user’s own metabolic data and the nutrition and training plans based on it can be called up anytime and anywhere.

DYNOSTICS metabolic and performance analyses – great added value at an affordable price.

avoids stagnation in the training process
reduction of the risk of injury through correctly dosed training
healthy and efficient achievement of your own goals by means of an individual training and nutrition plan
sustainable and verifiable training success in terms of general and sports-specific fitness
optimal dosage of the training – less torment, higher effects

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