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DYNOSTICS in the modern physiotherapy

Added value for you as owner

In the therapeutic health and training field, a holistic approach is of crucial importance. DYNOSTICS supports you as a physiotherapist to treat patients according to their state of health and at the same time to extend the therapy by activities apart from the treatment table. On the basis of the respiratory gases, precise metabolic data of the patients are determined, whereby the healing process can be accelerated and long-term success can be maintained. In addition, the tool helps to turn patients into customers and thus generate additional income in the long term.

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DYNOSTICS How it works

The analysis of the metabolism via respiratory gases is a validated procedure which has been in use for a long time. From the concentration of O2 and CO2 in the respiratory gases, direct conclusions can be drawn about the human metabolism. In addition, many other respiratory gas parameters are recorded during the measurement process. Together with the University of Leipzig, algorithms have been developed which have been tested for many years and meet the highest medical quality criteria.

Added value with DYNOSTICS

A holistic approach is crucial in the rehabilitative and physiotherapeutic process. Directly after the analysis, individual recommendations regarding nutrition, the training method in the medical training therapy and the pulse ranges are determined. Thus the therapist receives important information very quickly which enables him to work with the patient in an optimal way. The study situation is clear: Early, individually coordinated exercise and correct nutrition lead to better coordination, optimised body perception and central stability due to the earlier increase in the number of mitochondria in the muscular tissue and thus have a generally soothing effect.

Additional income

generation of revenues independent of health insurance funds

Acquire new customers

turning patients into customers – acquire new customers

Time saving

implementation during passive measures such as fango

Holistic approach

promotion of a sustainable holistic approach

Create variety

making work processes more varied

Larger range

expansion of the service portfolio

Added value for your customers

DYNOSTICS metabolic and performance analyses offer patients the opportunity to gain important information about their own metabolism. Based on this information, individual nutrition and training recommendations are automatically created immediately after the analysis. So nowadays everybody can effectively meet one’s own health goals. At the same time, thanks to the holistic therapeutic approach, the recovery process is accelerated and therapy successes are sustainably consolidated.

Individual care and support at an affordable price.

acceleration of the recovery process
sustainable therapy approach and success through holistic therapeutic methods
achievement of your own health goals thanks to an individual training and nutrition plan
achieve sustainable and verifiable therapeutic success in the field of movement therapy
optimal training intensity in the ET1 range – less torment, higher effect

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