Fitness clubs

Smart and mobile performance & metabolic analysis in fitness clubs

DYNOSTICS in a modern fitness club

Added value for you as owner

Information on the current metabolic and fitness status builds the basis for the creation of individual nutrition and training plans. The result: success is achieved more quickly – customer loyalty is strengthened. Fitness clubs gain even more positive image through the exact and goal-oriented training design, satisfied customers become multipliers and thus contribute to the acquisition of new customers. A further advantage is the fast return of invest. A single test only takes a few minutes. The acquisition costs for the test device can therefore be offset with just a few tests per month.

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Additional income

generation of additional revenues for daily business with existing customers

Gain new customers

increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers

Easy to use

no medical expertise required

Larger range

expansion of the service portfolio

Real-time evaluation

automatic real-time output of results without delay

Competent consulting

individual training and nutrition recommendations immediately after the analysis

Added value for your customers

The majority of all active people base their training and nutrition on non-specific formulas, which makes failures and resulting demotivation obvious.

The DYNOSTICS metabolic and performance analysis revolutionises the fitness market by recording individual metabolic data on the basis of respiratory gases and determining personal nutrition and training strategies.

No more rules of thumb: Effective training like the professionals and tailor-made nutrition at an affordable price.

avoid stagnation in the training process
achieve your own goals through an individual training and nutrition plan
achieve sustainable and verifiable training successes
optimal training intensity – less torment, higher effect
retrieve all results digitally via the DYNOSTICS app or the web browser

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