Smart and mobile performance & metabolism analysis in medical centers

DYNOSTICS in modern medical centers

Added value for you as medical center owner

In medical treatment, a holistic approach is crucial. DYNOSTICS supports to treat patients according to their state of health and therefore ideally suits as a supplement to health check-ups. Based on the respiratory gases, precise metabolic data of the patients are determined and individual nutrition and training plans are created immediately. Patients can be advised according to their personal lifestyle, recovery is accelerated and long-term success is maintained.

Tailor-made health promotion with low expenditure of time additional income in the long term.

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General nutrition and performance integration

Best tool to cover the topics exercise and nutrition

Health check-ups

Ideal supplement in combination with ECG, large blood count etc.

Time savings

Short preparation and post-processing time compared to “normal” spiroergometry

Holistic approach

Promotion of a sustainable holistic approach

Evaluation in real time

Automatic evaluation of results as well as training and nutrition recommendations

Larger range

Extension of the holistic approach

Added value for your customors

A visit to the doctor is often associated with the medical treatment of illnesses. DYNOSTICS metabolism and performance analyses provide additional added value by taking the metabolism situation and the positive effect of the activity into account. The recovery process can be accelerated – if necessary even without the use of further medication. This approach supports patients beyond the treatment to reach their nutritional and exercise goals effectively and over the long term and furthermore to increase their general well-being.

the doctor becomes a health care supervisor
acceleration of the recovery process – if necessary without the use of medication
using movement as medicine
sustainable therapy approach and success through holistic approach
achievement of health goals through an individual training and nutrition plan

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