Smart and mobile performance & metabolic analysis for dieticians

DYNOSTICS for the modern dietician

Added value for you as a dietician

No more rules of thumb! Only if the current metabolic situation is known and the basal metabolic rate is measured precisely a sustainable nutrition plan can be drawn up and long-term goals can be achieved. Re-test make it possible to detect changes in the metabolism, even if these cannot yet be detected on the scales. The result: success is visible for customers more quickly, which is reflected in customer loyalty and reduces the fluctuation rate. You gain a even more positive image through the exact and goal-oriented nutrition recommendation, satisfied patients become customers and contribute with their positive experience to the acquisition of new customers.

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Additional income

generation of revenues that are independent of health insurance funds

Gain new customers

make customers out of patients – acquire new customers

Determine calorie requirement

determine the calorie requirement cost-effectively and precisely via the respiratory gases

Larger Range

expansion of the service portfolio

Evaluation in real time

automatic output of results as well as training and nutrition recommendations

Objective comparison

objective before-and-after comparison of basal metabolic rate and nutrient distribution

Added value for your customers

Information about the own metabolism is the basic prerequisite for achieving body weight goals effectively and over the long term. The metabolism analysis of DYNOSTICS nutrition enables an exact determination of the personal basic and performance turnover as well as the macronutrient distribution on the basis of the respiratory gases. Based on this, tailor-made recommendations for nutrition and strength training are given. If required, the DYNOSTICS performance analysis can also be used to create individual training plans for endurance training.

Weight change – effective and individual at an affordable price.

avoids stagnation in the training process
healthy and efficient achievement of your own goals by means of an individual training and nutrition plan.
highest efficiency in the reduction of body fat
achievement of sustainable customer success and improvement of own metabolic processes
providing important information about the metabolism at an affordable price

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