Companies and workplace health promotion

Smart and mobile performance & metabolic analysis in companies & workplace health promotion

DYNOSTICS in the modern workplace health promotion

Added value for you as a provider of workplace health promotion

The success of a company depends on the health and satisfaction of its employees. This is where DYNOSTICS can support you – metabolic and performance analysis are an ideal supplement in the area of workplace health promotion, as direct conclusions can be drawn about nutrition and exercise within the shortest possible time. The analyses require neither preparation and post-processing time nor the presence of medical specialists. Commitment to employee health is a signal of appreciation and thus contributes to general satisfaction, performance and loyalty to a company.

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objectivity of all workplace health activities

Gain new customers

generation of additional revenue: DYNOSTICS as pioneer for further services

Time savings

10-minute analysis per employee – no post-processing time

Member loyalty

customer loyalty through regular re-checks every 3-4 months

Evaluation in real time

automatic output of results as well as training and nutrition recommendations

Larger range

innovative tool as extension of the service portfolio for the own employees

Added values for employees

It is not easy to reconcile everyday working life, nutrition and exercise. DYNOSTICS metabolic and performance analyses support you at this point with targeted training and nutrition recommendations. This is reflected not only in the state of health but also in general well-being and stress tolerance, which positively influences the ability to perform and recover. DYNOSTICS analyses thus bring advantages in everyday working life on the one hand. On the other hand, employees also receive added value because they can effectively achieve their personal goals with regard to exercise and nutrition in the long term – without losing motivation.

high added values for employees
effective and healthy achievement of your own health goals through an individual training and nutrition plan.
measurable change in metabolic activity and thus in concentration and overall performance
Improvement of performance after work through accelerated recovery ability
optimal dosage of the training – less torment, higher effect

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