A lot of added benefit for your business

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Support with a comprehensive marketing package
No medical expertise necessary
Performance and metabolic analysis as innovative unique selling point
Image gain for your team and company
High new customer incentive
ideal customer loyalty measure: regular control analyzes recommended

Additional business-specific benefits

Gym and Personal Trainer

individual integration into the customer’s training process
professional metabolic analysis: ideal for effective weight loss
optimized, cardio-controlled cardio training to enhance the cardio area

Physiotherapist , rehab center and doctor

self-payer performance independent of the healthcare system
smart integration into medical training therapy
Promotion of the individual recovery process, even if the customer has a health risk


Specific determination of the actual physical situation (calorie requirement and macronutrient distribution)
Nutritional recommendation based on professionally determined metabolism values
100% in-house care: no external doctor required for blood collection

Hotel industry

Upgrade the hotel’s fitness and health area
Desirable additional service, ideal for guests staying longer
Individual care of the guest during exercise and nutrition

Companies and workplace health promotion

Commitment to employee health as loyalty action and signal of appreciation
Tailor-made health promotion and optimal nutrition taking into account company specifics
Optimization of individual health status: higher resilience, less downtime and increased stress tolerance

Benefits for your customers

individual care and support
effective method for personal goal achievement
Exact, individual analysis values according to medical gold standard
holistic training and nutrition concept including extensive recommendations
permanent motivation through measurable success

Customers and partner

We love our customers and they love us. Because we have a common goal – to make athletes better and to get them to their goal faster.

Here are some of our customers, partners and friends.

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