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One analyzer – many possibilities

Metabolic analysis
Basal metabolic rate analysis
Power analysis
Individual nutrition and exercise strategy

Everything combined in one device plus app.

DYNOSTICS metabolic analysis



Precise measurement results guaranteed by made in Germany

Metabolism analysis for a tailored nutritional and training strategy

The metabolism analysis DYNOSTICS nutrition determines the personal basal metabolic rate, which means the exact calorie consumption per day, as well as the proportion of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Smart measurement of individual basal metabolic rate as a high-quality entry-level tool for your customers and those who could become one
Less time spent: 5-minute rest test provides an ideal st art ing point for effective training and targeted nutrition
Integrated DYNOSTICS app delivers personalized nutritional recommendations right after analysis, tailored to your customers’ goals
Detailed breakdown: exact calorie consumption per day including percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein

Analyze – The smart DYNOSTICS metabolic analysis is based on the continuous breathing gas measurement at rest: simple, professional and done in 5 minutes.

metabolic analysis - step 2

Evaluation – The athlete learns: how many calories his body currently burns and how much of it is carbohydrates, fat and protein.

metabolic analysis - step 3

Recommendation – On the basis of the determined values of the athlete you create with a click a tailormade training and nutrition strategy, adjusted to his personal goal.

With the performance analysis to the individual pulse ranges

DYNOSTICS performance shows exactly in which pulse ranges the most fat is burnt, when power is increased and when muscles in the anaerobic area over acidify.

Integrated DYNOSTICS app provides customized training recommendations tailored to your customer’s personal goal
Optimal pulse range: analysis of fat and carbohydrate metabolism during exercise (aerobic vs. anaerobic)
Regular control measurements: ideal as a long-term customer loyalty step
Smart analysis system: best available examination quality and informative value through fully automated operation – requires no medical expertise

Analyze – The smart DYNOSTICS performance analysis is based on an approximately 10-minute step test: simple, professional and fully automated.

performance analysis - step 2

Evaluation – The athlete learns: his individual pulse ranges including VO2max and the current performance level compared to other people of his age and gender.

Recommendation – The determined values of the athlete result in a tailor-made training plan includingoptimal pulse ranges for a maximally effective training, adjusted to the personal goal.