DYNOSTICS in sport club

DYNOSTICS was designed as a mobile system with an extra long battery life.

So even a measurement outdoors is possible without affecting the measurement result.

Performance analysis in sport club

Advantages of a digital training management with DYNOSTICS:

Whether you are with your team in the preparation phase or in the middle of the season, whether you want a regular performance assessment, monitoring after an injury or an analysis of new entrants: DYNOSTICS supports the entire team and brings it into peak form.

Your special benefits:

Easily understood even without medical

Creating group profiles with a similar level of

Motivation through group comparison with
the app

Handy and mobile

Indoor and outdoor measurement

Analysis in a few minutes

The DYNOSTICS APP for the trainer

With this knowledge in mind and mobile options in hand you keep coaching automatically the fitness goals of your players better focus. Stay tuned rewarded with measurable results. And in turn, attract further stay tuned.

The functions

As a coach of a sports team, you have special requirements for the tools that support you in your everyday life. An enhanced functionality in the DYNOSTICS app is available for this purpose.
Whether creating individual athletes or sports groups, managing multiple teams or (Co-) Trainer – now you have everything and everyone under control.

Rights allocation: Create and manage studios, coaches and members with appropriate administrative rights.

Individual evaluation: Calculates and compares the performance development of select athletes (e.g. within a team in the preparatory phase)

Group training: Automatic development of performance-equivalent groups for targeted training for endurance sessions

Evaluation: Comparison of athletes based on the current performance level (existing athletes, newcomers, etc.)

Unlimited measurements and complimentary sequence analyses: Up to six analyses can be carried out per year per member.