DYNOSTICS at the gym.; for Personal Trainer

In a few minutes the trainer determines the individual heart rate values.

of the new member and can therefore recommend him a unique and effective training.

Performance analysis at the gym

The advantages of a digital training management with DYNOSTICS:

The networking of coaches with the exercise equipment has already become reality. Now networking with the member is the focus. What always falls too short in many gyms is the use of software for exercise management.
Gyms can fully exploit the benefits of digitization with this and gain more time for the core business, which is to lead the members to the desired success.

DYNOSTICS provides a sensible solution that represents a great added value both for the gym as well as for the member: In addition to analyzing the precise, individual pulse ranges on site at the gym, an app is also included in the scope of services.
It documents the member’s data in daily exercising, which can be seen by the trainer and evaluated at the gym using the app.

Time savings

Relieves the trainer through a faster and more efficient training plan


Provides comprehensive care of the activity behavior of each member.


Motivates the member through individual support during exercise.

Consumer satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction by measurable results and prevents member fluctuation.

Your special benefits

You would prefer to look after each member individually, but wonder where and when to implement the training in everyday life? It is best to get right to the entry test! In a few minutes, the trainer determines the individual heart rate values of the new member and can thus recommend a unique and effective training.
You can even offer existing members a new training incentive with DYNOSTICS as well as a good reason to remain faithful to your gym.

Relief of coach

Win -win situation : active customer loyalty through customized training

Large projection with small personnel expenses

Increasing customer satisfaction

Only 2-3 control measurements per year and athlete

The DYNOSTICS APP for the trainer

With this knowledge in mind and mobile opportunities in hand athletes retain automatically their fitness goals better focus. Stay tuned rewarded with measurable results. And in turn, attract further stay tuned.

The functions

As a trainer or owner of a gym, you have special requirements for the tools that support youin your everyday life. An enhanced functionality in the DYNOSTICS app is available for this purpose.
Whether creating individual athletes or sports groups, managing multiple studios or coaching – now you have everything and everyone under control.


Rights allocation: Create and manage studios, coaches and members with appropriate administrative rights.

Additional analyzers: Connect and manage multiple analyzers through a single app.

Unlimited measurements and complimentary sequence analyses: Up to six analyses can be carried out per year per member.

Performance development: Comparison of the performance development of several members for competitions and marketing activities.

Automation: Automatic detection of performance-equivalent training groups for meaningful course classifications (e.g. spinning).

Benchmarking: Overview of the performance level of several members