DYNOSTICS, the well-known provider of mobile and smart metabolic analysis devices made in Germany, is expanding its support and product offering and is launching a comprehensive rebranding for this purpose. This development step is also associated with changes in the management. In the future, this will be taken over by Markus Knestel and Manfred Günther. The two have been part of the DYNOSTICS team since its foundation. The complementary competences of the new managing director duo are an essential basis for the successful implementation of the new brand strategy uVida. Dr.-Ing. Markus Knestel holds a doctorate in engineering and has more than 12 years of experience in the fields of measurement technology and trace gas analysis. Manfred Günther, graduate sports scientist (univ.), brings over 15 years of experience in respiratory gas and metabolic analysis. The previous managing director, Stefan Bartenschlager, accompanies the restructuring and is available until its completion. DYNOSTICS will remain as a brand of analytical instruments, but will become part of the new umbrella brand uVida.


“The last few years on the market, we have been working intensively on our range of services and our business partners. Our mobile metabolic analyzer with real-time assessment and recommendations is benchmark in the market. With uVida and our new app, we are now jointly declaring war on sluggish habits and the “inner pig dog”. This guarantees success for end customers and our business partners benefit from higher demand,” explains Markus Knestel, who is primarily responsible for production and the further and new technical development of the products.

To make existing and future business partners even more successful and to complement the offer, uVida focuses on easiest implementation through joint kick-off actions and higher re-test quotas.

“To make a continuous change-of-life process sustainable, the “embrace” of the end customer should be optimized after the metabolic analyses at our partners and expert support should be guaranteed in case of questions,” adds Manfred Günther, who heads the uVida Academy.

As the name uVida, which consists of the words “you” and “life”, already clarifies, the focus is to lie for the support of our business partners more on their final customers and the integration of the results of the metabolic analyses into the everyday life. With the associated brand slogan “How are u?”, this philosophy is made even clearer.

uVida now faces exciting months ahead. Further developments will be communicated in the coming weeks here on the website as well as via newsletters and the social media channels of the new uVida brand.

More info is also available in the info webinars on the transition from DYNOSTICS to uVida: www.uvida.de/webinar

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