Simple analysis.

With the app DYNOSTICS your FITNESS STATE in view.

Only those who know their body, can listen to it. Digitization is experiencing significant growth, especially in fitness clubs and in the fitness industry.
Self-measurement and control of one’s body using technical aids is not only currently the biggest trend in the fitness sector, but is also forecasted with a high sales potential for the next few years.

With the DYNOSTICS app you have all your personal heart rate target zones in view and receive professional training recommendations to get more effective and faster to success. Train efficiently and burn fat without torment. The first training session based on personal information! With DYNOSTICS one step ahead.


The gym state always in view. Calculation and assessment of the current fitness status.


Overview of personal training progress and technical assessment of personal performance development.


Showing the information of the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) and the maximum minute volume (VEmax).



Display of individual pulse values like recovery Zone, pulse field fat metabolism training (Aerobic Zone 1), pulse range of heart / circulation training
(Aerobic Zone 2), or pulse range of competition-specific endurance
(Anaerobe Zone).


Personal training recommendation on the basis of your own breathing gas parameters for the goals regeneration, health-conscious training, losing weight and increase performance.

The single functions:

How it works:

Using Bluetooth the data measured by the DYNOSTIC analyzer are transmitted within seconds easily on the app and appear understandable for everyone , without medical expertise. The athlete receives individually on him tailored training recommendations based on its pulse values. For trainers and gym owners, the app contains a number of other functions such as group comparisons and rights and multi-studio management. The app is free to retrieve the own pulse values and associated training recommendations for athletes.

Easy to use

Understandable evaluation

App free for athletes

Available for iOS. Android is coming soon.

DYNOSTICS group evaluations


Advantages of group evaluations

for gyms / personal trainer

Comparison of the performance development of several members for
competitions and marketing activities

Automatic detection of performance-equivalent training groups for
meaningful course classifications (e.g. spinning)

Overview of the performance level of several members

Additional benefits of gyms / personal trainers

Advantages of group evaluations

for sport clubs

Calculates and compares the performance development of select athletes
(e.g. within a team in the preparatory phase)

Automatic development of performance-equivalent groups for targeted
training for endurance sessions

Comparison of athletes based on the current performance level (existing
athletes, newcomers, etc.)

Additional benefits for sport clubs