Frequently asked Questions

Why is a performance diagnostics useful and important?

If you make too intense sport, it makes people permanently sick! This is clearly proven. The individual dose of sport and exercise is the key factor to optimally enhance the performance of each individual. This calls for individual data. To control his training properly, is the pulse of the most objective parameters. He can be obtained individually by only a breath analysis or a lactate test. This can always be checked that the training fits exactly to the physiological requirements of the athlete.

What distinguishes a classic spiroergometry of Dynostics?

The classic spirometry is an investigation form without needlestick and meets the most accurate statement about the metabolism. It is considered the gold standard. This can be very accurately the current exercise to assess and plan future training. This sounds a bit complicated, and it is also, you need to a specialist or medical knowledge. For the new, mobile spiroergometry system of Dynostics you do not need such knowledge. Whether out on the sports field or indoors at the gym, the measurement result is accurate. This is vital to the health of the athlete.

What scientific recognition has spiroergometry today?

In sports medicine and sports scientists the spirometry for their precise measurement results is famous and is therefore used extensively. In the next few years it is also at grassroots foothold thanks to innovative tools such Dynostics. Because no matter what sporting level, the trainee moves, he should always be able to make an individual statement about his condition and the training plan.

Can you perform the analysis only at the gym?

No. The measurements can be carried out both on cardio machines ( treadmill or bicycle), as well as outdoors, such as on the sports field or a tartan track.

Can I buy DYNOSTICS analyzer commercially?

No. Currently you can order the DYNOSTICS analyzer only online.

Can I do a metabolic and performance analysis during the flu season without hesitation?

Of course we and our suppliers at DYNOSTICS pay attention to the highest standards of health and hygiene. Thus we follow the recommendations of the risk assessment of the Robert Koch Institute. The institute considers products that are only used on the skin to be uncritical and recommends cleaning or surface disinfection. All suppliers of DYNOSTICS are informed about the correct care and cleaning of the devices.

Which mobile devices does DYNOSTICS?

DYNOSTICS runs with all iOS mobile devices. Windows Phone is not currently supported. Android is coming soon.

Do I need a tablet for the measurement?

No. The measurement can be carried out both tablet and a classic phone.

What does the app cost?

Use the app for users is free.

Where can I carry out measurements with DYNOSTICS?

We will shortly publish a map in which all Dynostics bases and partners are displayed.

Whom should I contact if I want to have press releases?

Best sending an email directly to office@dynostics.de .