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Because a miss is also a shot on target: No more standard values!


Did you know? 95% of all recreational athletes simply just run past their fitness goal – including the members of your gym. They train with rules of thumb, inaccurate measurement methods and usually in excessively high pulse areas. You know the consequences as well as we do.

Did you know?

95% of all recreational athletes exercise wrong!


The interplay of the correct parameters matters not only when it comes to exercising, but also in the development of innovative products for exercising support.Two strong success factors von DYNOSTICS are the technology company Knestel with its long-standing experience in gas analysis as well as the cooperation with the sports scientist Manfred Günther, who runs 5 performance diagnostics centers in Germany and brings recreationaland elite athletes a huge step closer to their training goals there on a daily basis.This collaboration is a tremendous asset to us. And if you want, now also for you and your members. Here’s to your health!

Technology made in Germany!

For more than 30 years Knestel Group is developing and producing special electronic and mechatronic solutions. The company, based in the Allgäu is a specialist and competent development partner of DYNOSTICS.

Graduate sports scientist Manfred Günther

The sports scientist and sports therapist Manfred Günther has analyzed the performance and the metabolism of more than 20,000 people in his diagnostic centers. Based on these empirical values, he continuously developed the performance diagnostics further. With his expertise, he provided important momentum in developing DYNOSTICS so that now all recreational athletes can efficiently train according to individual heart rate values – a long overdue step with great potential for a new training standard.

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