Rely on a smart system with DYNOSTICS

Whether weight loss, muscle building or body shaping – with DYNOSTICS you enable your cust omers a highly effective and holistic body management: The smart performance and metabolic analysis ensures optimal training and tailor-made nutrition based on their individual pulse values.



The best news in advance:
For you, the DYNOSTICS performance and nutrition can be carried out in just a few minutes and is very easy. That makes them affordable for your customers. Even more advantages: You achieve precise measurement results at the professional level. Without any medical expertise or special training.

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For every measurement you use a patented analysis technique. It was developed by German scientists and provides you with a result that was previously withheld only from professional athletes.


Your customers receive a holistic exercise and nutrition strategy tailored to their personal goals. Now they train as effectively as never before.

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The more individual the training, the better the result

Your advantages

Additional source of income
Individual cust omer care
Less time spent without medical expert ise: <10 min
Unique selling point with positive image gain
Cust omer loyalty and cust omer acquisition

Customers and partner

We love our customers and they love us. Because we have a common goal – to make athletes better and to get them to their goal faster.

Here are some of our customers, partners and friends.


We look forward to working with you.